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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tower Defense Engine Quick Look

(mute your sound) Here is a quick look at the engine i have built thus far for the tower defense game i am making. Keep in mind that the engine is far from done! Also, the capture software didn't capture the mouse..so use your imagination.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Tower Defense [part 3] project restarted

for those of you who have followed my previous posts about designing a "tower defense" game, you should know that the game is no longer going to happen.

at least, not in it's current form...

as a sort of  research for the game, i have been playing a lot of TD games, and i think i have a new vision of what i want this game to be. that said, my current (revamp'd) vision isn't able to happen in the current engine, so i must reconstruct the engine from scratch.

as a part of the reconstruction, i will demonstrate the new engine in video form when it's (mostly) completed. i expect to have something to show you by this time wednesday. keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

MineCraft adds new weather effects, sweet video shows them off

Minecraft has never really been a "beautiful" game by most gamers definitions, but something about these new weather effects is actually pretty captivating. Check out what i am talking about in the video below!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tower Defense [part 2]

Today i made some significant progress, just not in the areas i predicted i would be working. The turrets have the basic function to follow a specific target, a money system is in place, you can remove placed turrets, and i have implemented some features to make the game original.

So far, you can only plant a basic turret, which is a small alien looking pod that shoots simple bullets. Although it will be upgradeable, currently that system is not yet implemented. One feature that i have created so far that may or may not make it is a "lifespan" function.

What "lifepspan" does is slowly kill each turret you have placed at a variable rate depending on which turret you've placed. For example, basic turrets will take less than 5 minutes to deteriorate, while bigger more expensive turrets may take much longer.  This could keep the player on his toes, and help pace the game. Although the function may not make it into the final build, i find the idea somewhat compelling in an over-saturated genre.

Next time i update, hopefully i will have a video of how everything works. So far things are coming along swell. Hopefully i stay on this track!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tower Defense [part 1]

Today i started doing some of the visual portions of my tower defense game. So far you can select each square, but that's about it. Just trying to get the basics in. Tomorrow i hope to add my first turret, and maybe some test enemies as well as functioning AI.