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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Alien Hominid [PS2, Xbox, GC] Review

     I had a rough time deciding what video games i should review out of my collection, but after staring at the games for about 20 minutes i realized that my first review should be of an important game, one that meant a lot to me. 
     Alien Hominid was one of those games. Why? Well, because, in a past life i was in fact a flash animator/game designer. And that's just where this game got its start, as a flash title. In fact, you can even still play the flash version of this game at newgrounds.

just another day in new york.
      So, other then the fact that it started as a flash game, what's so special about Alien Hominid? Well, just about EVERYTHING.  The game is an old school shoot'em up (much like Metal Slug) done with hand drawn art by flash artist "Dan Paladin", and it's super addictive.
      You play as an alien (duh?) who crash lands on Earth, and has his ship taken away. The entire game is basically just the aliens journey to get his ship back and escape back into outer space. As you look for your ship you will go through several territories such as New York(or something similar), Russia, and Area 51. You fight huge bosses, so you need to collect powerful power-ups/shields to help deal with them.
     Sounds amazing, right? Well, it is. But there are a few issues with the game that will drag you down a bit. For example, the actual game is pretty short. The game clocks in at only a couple of hours long, and it gets even shorter on any later play through. Some people would excuse this for the games measly 20 dollar price tag, but i feel as though it should have been much longer, even for the low price. They do try to combat the short game with a puzzle solving mini game, but the mini game just won't hold your attention, and isn't very fun to begin with.

     My overall opinion is that this game should be tried by everybody, even if you just play the original flash version. The game is super fun and addicting, and there is no excuse for passing it by if you still own a PS2 and see this game in a bargain bin. It's worth a rent, and maybe even the odd purchase.


  1. Personally I loved Alien Hominid, it's still pretty good for a game, moreover gives an arcade-esque experience, eh?

  2. Definitely, i think modern games could learn a few things from alien hominid.

  3. Not sure how a feel about this game.

  4. Played this game alot back in the day. It gets pretty hard later on and its worth a try.

  5. I'll have to check this game out

  6. This game might be cool to try out.

  7. old school flash games take me back lol.

  8. I've never heard of this game. It looks fun!