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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Castlevania: lords of shadow actually kind of good?

If you're a fan of Castlvania, then you probably already know that there hasn't ever really been a good 3d Castlevania game. That being said, the curse would appear to be broken if recent reviews of the newest installment are to be believed.

As of right now, i have no intention of purchasing/reviewing the game, but perhaps i will change my mind after hearing this news. I am all too interested in seeing how Castlevania could play in 3d and still be good.

GameSpot 7.5/10
IGN 7.5/10
1up 8/10
GameTrailers 7.9/10
EuroGamer 8/10


  1. I'm hopeful for the game, might pick it up

  2. I loved SOTN, and the original series for the nes. Maybe ill give it a look. they musta got that 3d business down by now.

  3. not much of a castlvania fan but you might be able to convince me

  4. Great stuff here, keep it up Bro !

  5. I'll look into it. This would be my first Castlevania game if I do decide to purchase.