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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is it too late for a Kingdom Hearts 3?

The PS2 era is (arguably) over, but not forgotten. Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 were two of my favorite games for the PS2, and i was always into the idea of playing Kingdom Hearts 3 on a "next generation" console.

Needless to say, it hasn't happened yet, and i don't know that it ever will. It has been years since Kingdom Hearts 2 was release on the playstation 2, and all we have seen from the series since was a few unappealing portable games...and my interest is fading.

So, how long can a series be away from it's core audience before people lose interest? Is it too late for square to try and release a Kingdom Hearts 3?


  1. I have yet to complete nr. 1 (started it but not done yet), so i cant really say.

  2. There's only so many Disney characters, bro.

  3. @ceedo:
    true, but who says that they need to keep introducing new characters? why not just reuse the same characters?

    their was a "trailer" for a new Kingdom Hearts at the end of KH2 if you completed the game 100% and it showed a much darker tone and mickey playing a huge role.

    why not just do a darker toned KH?