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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why "Garena" is an impractical piece of garabage.

Garena is software that allows players from all over the world to play over a fake LAN connection. Although it's a good way to play with friends in a controlled chat room, it's mostly used for pirates to play online.

That's right, pirates, you aren't fooling anybody. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH.

Here are just a couple of reasons why Garena is impractical, and will not lend to anybody with a soul playing pirated games online.

LAN?More like LAG.
When you play a multiplayer game, what is your ping? 20? 50? 100? These are all exceptional answers. You know what isn't exceptional? 2000. You heard me right. Not 20, not 200, but 2000. This is the ping that you are (more then likely) going to experience while playing any game using Garena. Why is this? Well, it's simple. Most of the people who create rooms for Garena are people who live in another country, and your computer doesn't send information back and forth from across the pond without any noticeable lag. In fact, it's pretty much unplayable. 

Sure, you can find a game every once in a while that will give you an acceptable ping, but where the fuck do you go when the host closes it down? 

Cheaters always prosper, in Garena.
So there are basically 3 2 kinds of people who play Garena. Pirates who can't afford the game, and people who want to abuse the system with their new 1337 haxxorz. Garena is probably where most people even test their new hacks they have been developing. 

That lag problem i was talking about above? It's pretty frustrating. Now imagine connecting to a game with a good ping, only to find out that half of the people are using aimbots, and the other half of the people are using godmode. Oh yes, it's so fun.

Purchase your games, people, and stop pretending that using Garena is any fun!


  1. I know man... full of hackers on Garena. I playing all the time though, what should i do? Where can i play DotA? Can you suggest another medium/server?
    I used to play Eurobattle.net 2 years ago but then it fell.

  2. hmm i've heard a lot about Garena but never actually tried it. Guess that won't be changing anytime soon lol

  3. i never heard of it before but free pc games = always hackers. even bought pc games have hackers:/ stay with the consoles men.

  4. Wow thanks i was going to try that thanks for saving me a lot of time and headaches.

  5. k i will definitely take ur advice on this one

  6. interesting post

    supporting you
    take care.

  7. very interesting. I purchase my games when it has a multiplayer function to it.

  8. I cant stand lag. That alone makes we want to pay for my games

  9. Software like this is for chumps, just LAN next to each other.

  10. I made the switch to consoles in 2007 and never looked back.

  11. Great stuff here, keep it up Bro !