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Monday, March 28, 2011

Nightmare House 2, a quick mod overview.

There are a lot of source mods out there. So many, in fact, that it's awfully hard to sort the trash mods from the quality ones. There's nothing more heartbreaking then firing up a new mod and finding out that you've just spent the last hour downloading something that will be deleted a minute and thirty seconds later.

That's why "Nightmare House 2" has me so torn. Not because i uninstalled it a minute and thirty seconds later, but because i didn't.

Nightmare House 2 is a "horror" mod that starts off with a loud bang of quality, making you believe that the mod was made by somebody who knows what they're doing, and then eventually drops the veil to reveal a rejected syfy film full of unanswered questions, predictable kills, and a rather bland "villain".

The overall premise of the mod, at first, is to simply stay alive in the darkness and find your way out of this (unexpectedly) huge foundation. Although the scares are actually pretty good for the first half of the game, you eventually find a group of friendly SWAT members who really take the experience a step backwards, making the game feel like any other bland shooter.

It's hard to say how the rest of the game plays out from there, but (assuming you choose the correct, less boring path) you eventually end up fighting some guy who keeps shouting "i'm not a bad guy", while continuing to attempt to murder him in what could be the most boring boss battle of all time.

All of these things considered, the mod is actually one of the best mods available when it comes to visuals and atmosphere. It's just a shame that the story and boring characters had to bring the game to such a full stop.



  1. Is there a way I can get you to post a link to the download?

  2. @Justin: totally forgot to do that, will edit post with DL link shortly

  3. cool, is it in black and white

  4. Yeah, it's hard finding a quality source mod with so many out there. rag

  5. thanks for the review. you should mention that it is for half life 2. :)

  6. wicked. im gonna try this out

  7. interesting, i haven't checked out many source mods