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Saturday, February 19, 2011


When you've lost your job and nobody is hiring in your shitty little town, you resort to doing anything you can for money. Especially when you have a 7 month old daughter.

This is where PrizeRebel comes (back) into play. I used to use PrizeRebel back in the day to get me video games from steam, amazon, or ebay. And it was surprisingly not a scam. In fact, i ended up getting Gears of War, an intercooler for my Xbox360, and even some STEAM games.  That being said, now i have to use PR just to get my kid the necessities offline, such as diapers or even a stroller.

Now, as much as i appreciate the ability to earn these things for "free", the amount of time you spend earning the cash to purchase said items is unfair and actually kind of off-putting. I did the math, and on average you can make 3-5 offers in an hour, assuming they all pay off(and they wont, most of the time).

Now, do the math on the fact that there are only limited offers that even offer more then 1 dollar per offer, you are really getting payed ~3 dollars an hour at best.

It's sad that i (and apparently thousands of other people) are resorting to these websites.

If you want to try these sites out for yourselves, here are links to two sites you should try out and have been confirmed to be legit.


  1. i heard if you spent enough time at these, you can actually make decent cash

  2. you can, but if you have a job (even mcdonalds) you are bound to make at least 3 times more on the hour then when you do this.

  3. I'd suggest getting a job even if you hate it, it makes more then these sites man. But good luck, and followed :D

  4. this sounds to good to be legit to me.

  5. Sucks that you have to do that, but thanks for the tip on it. I hope everything works out for you!